Git: submodules, configs and hooks

Submodulies – way to handle nested workspaces

Git configuration
Three types:
1. Per whole system (–system key to access it)
2. Per user (–global key to access it), can override system level setting
3. Per repository (no specific key required), can override system and global (user) level setting

git config –list – lists all settings
git config –help – shows page with all possible config options

It is possible to export git repository into some archive.

Git Hooks

It is simple scripts that are invoked by git as result of some action. Each type of hook should be properly named (in accordance to its type) and located at hooks directory.

Client side. Three types: pre-commit (invoked before a commit), e-mail activity (working with patches), other (pre-rebase, post-checkout, post-merge).

Server side. Two types: pre/post-receive (before and after pushes to server – can reject some
user’s push) and update (for some branch updating)


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