C++11, BS book extract, part I, chapter 4

STL overview


copy(), find(), sort()
duration, time_point
sqrt(), pow()
complex, sqrt(), pow()
fstream, ifstream, ofstream
future, promise
istream, ostream, cin, cout

map, multimap
unique_ptr, shared_ptr, allocator
default_random_engine, normal_distribution
regex, smatch
string, basic_string
set, multiset
istrstream, ostrstream
unordered_map, unordered_multimap
move(), swap(), pair


array A fixed-size array
vector A variable-size vector
list A doubly-linked list
forward_list A singly-linked list
deque A double-ended queue
set A set
multiset A set in which a value can occur many times
map An associative array
multimap A map in which a key can occur many times
unordered_map A map using a hashed lookup
unordered_multimap A multimap using a hashed lookup
unordered_set A set using a hashed lookup
unordered_multiset A multiset using a hashed lookup

unique_ptr to represent unique ownership
shared_ptr to represent shared ownership


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