Enterprise Integration Patterns extract


  • Message
  • Message channel
  • Pipes and filters
  • Message routers
  • Message translator
  • Message Endpoint


  • Point-To-Point
  • Publish-Subscribe
  • Datatype channel – for particular type of message
  • Invalid message channel – used if a receiver cant proceed the message obtained
  • Dead letter channel – if a message could not be delivered
  • Guaranteed delivery – persist message on both ends of channel
  • Channel adapter – message endpoint
  • Message bridge – connection between different messaging systems
  • Message bus – message queue


  • Command message – command to execute, invoke a procedure
  • Document message – message with data
  • Event message – message with changed state
  • Request-Replay – two message through two different channels
  • Return Address – message contains a channel for replay
  • Correlation identifier – ID obtained at response message to match the request method sent
  • Message sequence – sequence identifier, position identifier, size or end indicator
  • Message expiration
  • Format indicator


  • Content based router
  • Message filter
  • Dynamic router
  • Splitter+Aggregator
  • Resequencer – reorder a sequence of messages
  • Scatter-Gather
  • Message broker – contain a logic of message flow


  • Envelop
  • Content enricher / filter
  • Normalizer – cast all message to common format


  • Gateway – connects application and messaging system
  • Mapper – maps messages and business objects
  • Poling consumer
  • Competing consumers – a few consumers are listening the same channel, but only one will obtain each message

System management

  • Control Bus – channel that delivers command/controlling messages to all parties to manage their work
  • Detour
  • Wire tape – T-component, to log messages out
  • Message history – message is appended by information of each component passed
  • Message Store – all messages are stored at some database
  • Test message
  • Channel purger

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